Seatweaving supplies and basket weaving supplies are just a click away!

Seatweaving is a super hobby and can be a good source of income as well.
Be sure that you’re buying the highest quality of Seatweaving supplies so that your work looks its best.

Whether you need to re-cane a chair seat, restore a fiber rush or Shaker tape chair seat, fix a porch chair or Kennedy rocker, we’ve got you covered. Superior quality and great prices too.

Our products are absolutely guaranteed!

We also have kits, books, and booklets to teach you to do it yourself

Since 1981, we have been specialists in weaving supplies and instruction.

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All Seatweaving Supplies are NOT created equal!
Our Superior Quality Supplies are worthy of your time and effort.

Shaker Tape Seatweaving Booklet

1/4 flat reed – 350 ft.

Caning Pegs, set of 6

Fiber Rush Kit 5/32 kraft brown w/ Booklet

Twisted Seagrass

Seat Weaving Booklets Set

Chair Cane NARROW MEDIUM – 2.75 mm – 270 ft

24×24 inch Cane Webbing Kit 1/2 Fine

#3 Smoked Round – 750 ft.

De-Glue Goo

3/8″ Half Round Reed – 50 ft.

Chair Caning Booklet

New England Porchweave Booklet

Ash Splints

Chair Cane MEDIUM 3 mm – 1000 ft

Caning wedges, set of 5

Spring Clamps

Rubber Mallet Size 2

Caning Awl, Wood Handled

#6 round reed – 200 ft.