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Seat Weaving Books and Booklets – We have all the books and booklet instructions necessary to weave a chair seat, in addition to popular chair caning instructions.

We have step-by-step, fully illustrated instruction booklets for fiber rush, Shaker tape, flat reed, ash, binder cane and more.

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Seat Weaving Booklets Set

This extremely useful set includes 1 each of all 7 of our excellent seat weaving instruction booklets: Splint Weave, Fiber Rush, Herringbone Weave, Finger Lakes Fan Weave, Shaker Tape Seat Weaving, Chair Caning and New England Porch Weave. If purchased separately, these cost $27.65. Many illustrations, and very clear step-by-step instructions in each. Booklet size is 5.5″ x 8.5″.

Chair Caning Booklet

12-page Chair Caning Booklet with illustrated how-to’s. Get this booklet when you’re weaving a seat with drilled holes in frame. If the woven part of the seat is 12″ or less, one 270′ coil is the amount you need. This is the same booklet that comes with our Chair Caning Kit.

New England Porchweave Booklet

24-page New England Porchweave booklet, completely illustrated how-to’s. Get this booklet when re-weaving a porch rocker type in plain-weave with 1/4″ Wide Binding Cane or narrow flat reeds. It takes one 500 ft coil of binder cane to weave a porch seat. If the back of the chair needs weaving too, the back will require 1 and a half coils of binder cane. For reed, get 3 lb to do the seat and back.

Shaker Tape Seatweaving Booklet

8-page fully illustrated Shaker Tape Seat Weaving booklet for weaving seats with Shaker Tape. Full Color.

Splint Weaving Booklet

16-page fully illustrated Splint Weaving booklet for re-weaving chairs in herringbone pattern with 1/2″ flat reeds. It’ll take about 1 and a half lbs. of reed to weave an average seat.

This weaving pattern is identical to herringbone weave EXCEPT that herringbone uses narrow material. This pattern is for 1/2″ wide and similar material

Fiber Rush Seatweaving Booklet

12-page booklet with illustrated how-to’s. Get this booklet for fiber rush seatweaving in the pattern at left. Also has all instructions to adjust for chairseats that are not perfect squares. This booklet is also the same pattern to be used for weaving SEAGRASS seats.

Finger Lakes Fan Weave Booklet

16-page Finger Lakes Fan Weave booklet, fully-illustrated how-to’s. Suitable for porch chairs, dining room chairs. Use wide binder cane or 3/16 to 1/4 flat oval. It takes one 500′ hank of binder cane or one lb of reed to weave the average seat.

Herringbone Weave Booklet

20-page Herringbone Seat Weaving Booklet, illustrated how-to’s. Suitable for all Binder Cane widths, and Flat Oval reed in 3/16″ or 1/4″ width. Woven in “over 3, under 3” pattern. Takes one hank, coil or pound for one average seat. Also called “twill weave” in some parts of the U.S.

This weaving pattern is identical to Splint Weave EXCEPT that Splint Weave uses 1/2″ wide or wider material.

Create an Heirloom Cradle Booklet

Create an Heirloom by Donna Rohkohl is an 8.5 x 11 booklet with instructions for 3 bassinets and 3 cradles for dolls & babies. Only the Large Cradle is suitable for real babies- and is easy to weave. You need to make a wooden base and use three pounds of #6 round, one #5 round reed, and one 1/4″ flat oval reed.

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