When the Seatweavers Guild posted an image from “laundry basket cars”— a German Korbwagon from the 1920’s, we had to search for more. We found this cool page that documents the various wicker-woven vehicles from the turn of the previous century.

I think that if you wove over an old Volkswagon beetle, you’d be guaranteed a place in your town’s 4th of July parade forever. That would be a fun project!

laundry basket cars

Our favorite is the sweet retro Fiat Jolly.

Click on the image below to learn more about Laundry Basket Cars from messynessychic.com.

laundry basket cars

Your average household laundry basket and a car– two things you’d never put together, but at the turn of the 19th century, apparently it was all the rage…

An automobile enthusiast site dedicated entirely wood-bodied cars, Old Woodies, suggests that if you delve into transportation history, “one can find the apparent ancestors of these quirky vehicles: wickerwork carriages, sedan-chairs, reed boats, even hot-air balloons.” I’ve also seen a few old photographs of Victorian wicker wheelchairs, which I have a hunch may have had something to do with this too.

A model such as the French 1897 Hugot (pictured above), made entirely of wicker with a 3.5 horsepower stashed under the seat, would have been considered a lightweight, resilient and economical option for early car enthusiasts at the time……