Weave Easier with this Chair Caning Tip

Whether you’re caning your first chair or your fiftieth chair, you’ll be able to weave easier with this chair caning  tip that makes the weaving go a lot smoother.

Run your hand down a length of chair cane and you’ll see that there are “nodules” from the growth patterns of the “calamus rotang” vine.

If you pull the chair cane through the seat against the nodules, they’ll act like speed bumps, slowing your weaving, and potentially breaking the chair cane.

If you’re not sure which direction is which, just run a strand through your fingertips. If your fingertips hit the nodules pulling the cane to a stop, you’re going the wrong way. If the cane slides through your fingertips easily, you’ve got it! The chair cane will slide through the seat weaving just as easily.

Weave Easier with this Chair Caning Tip :

Pull your cane through the seat so that it’s with the nodules, not against them. It’s easy to tell because, if you’re doing it right, the cane will flow through the holes smoothly. If not, each nodule will “bump” against the other cross strands of chair cane.

Weave Easier with this Chair Caning Tip.

chair caning tip

Chair Caning Tip