Weavers Stain for Seat Weaving

Have you tried Weavers Stain on your flat reed seats yet? It’s pretty cool stuff.

I know. I know. It comes in a spray can.

That automatically prejudices you against it because you think it’s going to be like lots of other spray gunk.

It’s not.

In fact, it’s probably not like any other spray paint or spray coating that you’ve ever used on a chair seat. It has tung oil in it, and it’s urethanenot poly-urethane. That’s the difference.

Weavers Stain for Seat Weaving

Poly-urethane dries out the reed. Not Weavers Stain– it has Urethane. It sprays in a 6″ radius with a fine mist so you get quick, even coverage. We’ve noticed that flat reed looks more like a hardwood when sealed with Weavers Stain for seat weaving and it’s not shiny, just sealed from grape juice and red wine and other saturating liquids.


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Weavers Stain for Seat Weaving

weavers stain for seat weaving