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Cost for Chair Caning

Cost for Chair Caning The cost for Chair Caning- that is, “hand caning” chairs that have holes around the perimeter of the frame- seems to be experiencing some regional price raises. I just posted re: the cost of all types of seat weaving a couple months ago. Today I did an online search to see […]

Weaving at Farmers Markets

Weaving at Farmers Markets can be a lucrative source of extra weaving income if you’re located in the right area. “Right” : high traffic Farmers Market affluent shoppers area where shoppers appreciate hand woven chairs area where antiques are prevalent You can sell chairs that you’ve picked up at yard sales and restored to their […]

Identifying Chair Caning Supplies

Identifying Chair Caning Supplies has always been a challenge for first time seat weavers. Since beginning our mail order business in 1981, we’ve expanded our catalog many times, finally creating a separate catalog for each of our two divisions: Basket Weaving and Seat Weaving. When the Internet came into wide use by the general public, […]

Seat Weaving Finishes

Seat Weaving Finishes Seat weaving finishes should never include polyurethane since this will dry out the cane or reed and it will deteriorate, needing replacement far sooner than usual. The following is from our What to Seal, What Not to Seal page regarding seat weaving finishes at our online seat weaving supplies store, www.seatweaving.com. What […]

Blind Chair Caning

Blind Chair Caning “Blind Chair Caning” can refer to two different things. Caning the back of a chair in which the holes are not drilled all the way through the frame Chair caning by a blind person Blind Chair Caning #1 Blind chair caning on a half-drilled wood frame will test your mettle. Facing this […]

Chair Cane Size

The Chair Cane Size ! Sometimes, in spite of measuring the distance between the holes and the size of the drilled hole, the chair cane size that’s supposed to work, just doesn’t work. You suddenly discover that the cane is getting tighter and you can tell that the last two rows are not going to […]

Weaving Chair Seats

Weaving Chair Seats in 2015. I’m looking for a yard sale chair- not just any yard sale chair- but a children’s yard sale chair. I have a particular weaving idea in mind that I can’t wait to try out on a small chair seat. It’ll be cheerful and colorful, and also woven with some smaller […]

Fix Broken Cane Chairs

Fix Broken Cane Chairs Fix the Broken Cane Chairs that you promised to have ready for Thanksgiving Day… then Christmas dinner. It’s a whole New Year. Fresh Starts. New promises. This time, let’s get it done. We have a wide variety of chair cane kits for every size of chair cane that will make it […]