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Chair Seat Repair

Chair seat repair usually involves weaving with a seat weaving material over a dowel or frame-type chair seat construction. There are several different options for weaving material when doing this kind of chair seat repair. Flat reed and Flat oval reed are easy to work with and durable for indoor chair seats. Ash splints are […]

Caning Chairs Repair

Caning Chairs Repair is easier than you might think! If your caned seat has holes, you need chair cane and instructions for weaving the seat through the holes. We have an easy Chair Cane Kit for accomplishing this. Even if you’ve never woven a cane seat before, we guarantee that you’ll be able to do […]

Chair Caning Repair

Chair caning repair is just one of the many types of seat weaving repairs for which we are happy to provide superior supplies. Chair caning is divided into two techniques, depending upon the chair design. A chair with holes around the perimeter of the seat requires hand weaving of the seat. If you’re new at […]

Chair Cane Repair

Chair Cane Repair You wouldn’t attempt to postpone doing a chair cane repair the way this person did, would you?  Please, no-o-o-o-o! This is definitely one of the most creative we’ve seen. Reminds me of the dowel seat frame that was rewoven with strips of rubber tire tubing. Although, to be fair, if done neatly […]

Blind Caning

If you’re new to seat weaving, you might have come across the term “blind caning” or “double-blind caning”. Did you wonder if it had something to do with the seat weaver- or the chair cane weaving itself? In the early 20th century, chair caning was often taught in schools for the blind, so you could […]

Firewood Art for Wood Weavers Everywhere

Here’s some Friday Fun to enjoy! Firewood art- indoors and out, in forms from small to gigantic. We don’t know which one is our favorite, but it just might be the chair by Artist Jaehyo Lee. Then again, the roll-up Waste Less Chair is pretty cool too. Which sculpture is your favorite? Firewood Art – […]

Chair Seat Weaving Patterns

Chair Seat Weaving Patterns Do you know the difference between Herringbone and Finger Lakes Fan chair seat weaving patterns? First, let’s say what’s the SAME about these two patterns. They both create a stair step design. They’re both suitable for binder cane, narrow flat reed, or narrow flat oval reed What’s different? Herringbone is usually […]

Seat Weaving Labor Charges

Seat Weaving Labor Charges Are you uncertain about what to charge for your seat weaving labor? On our website we have a list of the various seat weaving techniques and how to calculate the labor charges. Don’t forget to add the cost of materials! It’s important to note that if you live in a very […]

Weave Easier with this Chair Caning Tip

Whether you’re caning your first chair or your fiftieth chair, you’ll be able to weave easier with this chair caning  tip that makes the weaving go a lot smoother. Run your hand down a length of chair cane and you’ll see that there are “nodules” from the growth patterns of the “calamus rotang” vine. If […]

Weavers Stain for Seat Weaving

Have you tried Weavers Stain on your flat reed seats yet? It’s pretty cool stuff. I know. I know. It comes in a spray can. That automatically prejudices you against it because you think it’s going to be like lots of other spray gunk. It’s not. In fact, it’s probably not like any other spray […]